Ordinary Motion of Content

In ordinary operation we push an author's edits to a single site from which other authors are free to pull.

Editing operation completes by pushing an incremental update of an Item to the server bundled in an Action. We push actions about items.

Browsing operations involve a dynamic search for Pages among the possible Sites that might host it while handling 404s until it is found. We pull pages towards the user.

An author will see Pages from many Sites. A page remains remote until the author saves it in the course of editing through an Action that writes whole pages not just single items. A fork pulls from one server and pushes to another.

A reader encounters new Sites by finding them mentioned in the edit history bundled with each Page. Wiki pulls sitemaps from each new Site it encounters developing a large list of Pages available to search and identifying duplicates.

In the course of browsing the author becomes aware of a large number of Sites we call the Neighborhood that contains possible duplicates we call Twins which may include updated remote content that the author may want to fork anew or selectively merge.