Pages and Status

We describe the persistent state managed by our node implementation of wiki while recognizing that a server is equally able to participate in the federation using wildly different stores.

Conventionally wiki state is maintained in .wiki, a directory within the home page of the server operator.

The .wiki directory will contain subdirectories pages and state, or in the case of a farm, per-site subdirectories containing pages and state.

The pages directory is reserved for files containing the inert page json for pages hosted by the site. These are named by the slug version of the page title.

The state directory holds additional per-site information such as the site's flag (favicon.png) and the owner's login credentials (owner.json).

Some plugins maintain information in the state directory as per-plugin subdirectories of a state subdirectory (plugin) reserved for this purpose. For example, the json server-side plugin stores access tokens in state that never leave the server. github