Remote Rendering of Graphs

The Graph plugin captures small graph fragments that can be selected and merged by other plugins to do as they see fit. We transport these to a Graphviz service that returns SVG that can be copied about the federation.

Sample Graph markup.

Multics --> Unix --> Linux Unix --> Mach --> Next --> OSX

As an example of how we might aggregate independent graphs consider these historical influences on operating system design. Each step of this workflow is independent and substitutable from anywhere in the federation.


Multics --> Unix --> Linux Unix --> Mach --> Next --> OSX


CP/M --> DOS --> OS/2 DOS --> Windows Mac --> Windows

Direct Manipulation.

Alto --> Lisa --> Mac --> OSX --> IOS Star --> Lisa

Transport markup retrieves the graphs to be rendered by a remote graphviz service.


The service returns page json including an SVG formatted item which we drag here to complete this workflow.

Note that the graphviz service lives its own existence on the web and is free to interact with the federation in multiple ways as it does when it offers access to recently generated SVG files.

We keep transported graphs until the random filename comes up for reuse.